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Beach Town Booksign looking toward the great Pacific Ocean
Beach Town Books sign looking toward Pizza Port on El Camino Real
A peek into one of Beach Town Books front windows
Some of Beach Town Books front windows with books on display and ample lighting
Two of the many aisles of used books and new books on display at Beach Town Books
Come in to Beach Town Books and make a cup of coffee to sip while you browse for your next story
Come say hi to the owners of Beach Town Books Scott and Debbie or find great service from our friendly and knowledgable staff

Come see our special underwater-ocean kids room! A fun place for parents to let their kids follow their inspiration and find their new favorite "read". The artwork on the walls was inspired and painted by Scott and his daughters, Natalie and Olivia. Come enjoy the care and creativity that they put into the room!

 Here's what people are saying :


Such a nice surprise in a great location! this is exactky the small, homey bookstore I was looking for. I was able to find what I wanted with ease, and used books are half off the retail price. I will definitely be back!

J.B.  San Clemente, Ca



I LOVE this vintage bookstore.  Fun browsing for books and they have places to sit to flip through your book finds.   
So glad that vintage bookstores are making a come back!  

Gia S.   San Clemente, Ca



Found this gem exploring San Clemente with my daughter. We're huge readers and this store certainly had the variety & stock to satisfy. Of course, we left with a few books, and we'll be back again soon for more!  

Sarah V.     San Clemente, Ca



What can I say? I just love this book store! In fact, I use Yelp all the time to read reviews, often feel like I should add my own, but have never taken the time until now. But I'm so happy this book store exists that I want all fellow book lovers to know about it!  Beach Town Books is the kind of bookstore you want to call your second "home". 

My first visit was in January when I stopped through San Clemente just to say hi to family on my way home from a day in Orange County. I live about an hour south in San Diego.  I didn't have time to linger that day, but left with a few books and wished I could've curled up in one of their cozy chairs to start reading.  Well, yesterday I drove back to San Clemente specifically with this book store in mind to browse books and then sit and read to enjoy the atmosphere.  It's so hard to find a bookstore like this anymore! It reminds me of how much I liked Cody's Books on Telegraph in Berkeley, City Lights Books in SF, or Upstart and Crow in Seaport Village long ago before it became mostly a gift shop.  But Beach Town Books takes me back to the days before the "big box" franchise stores.  It feels peaceful and not rushed. So many covers are displayed that it's hard NOT to find a new book to read (which was great for my teenage son).  I felt like I was being encouraged to sit awhile, surrounded by all the books (with my free cup of coffee) and take my time - so I did!  I decided to buy the next book they're going to discuss, too.  It's The Zoo Keeper's Wife. Thinking I'll come back up for that! What a fun idea - to read and discuss a book, see the movie together, and compare reviews of the movie version afterwards at a local San Clemente cafe.  Great idea! This little book store is worth the drive! I promise - if you're "a reader", you'll want to make this your "book nook".    

Rachel F.   Bonita, Ca



My family has enjoyed this book store prior to the new ownership. The store is now under new ownership and we love it even more. My 5 year old and 8 year old boys love Beach Town Books. In the last month alone I found 3 amazing books I would never have known about. One was a beautiful book called Flower Babies with verses about all of the flowers in a garden published over 100 years ago! One book was a kids guide to choosing hikes in Yosemite and one was a book about family, food and festivals which compliments our Waldorf home school program impeccably.  

My oldest reads books like it's his job and he loves finishing a book in a series and trading it in for credit for the next book in the series. 

My 5 year old cannot get enough of the kids room and loves the independence he finds in choosing his own book. 

Every member of our family make this shop a regular stop in our weekly comings and goings.

Bookshops like this are rare and I am so grateful to be able to share the bookshop experience with my children and to support a local family business.

The owners Debbie and Scott have done a wonderful job!        

Abby I.   San Clemente, Ca




I love this bookstore! It is MUCH improved over the older bookstore that was here. It has been updated, uncluttered, and brightened up just enough to keep the 'beach unique' charm that is synonymous with San Clemente. You can purchase used AND NEW books here or order any book you want! There is a kids room for kids to sit and read and chairs for anyone around the store to look through their finds. I am always happy to enjoy the treasure trove of paper and ink found in Beach Town Books and seem to never leave empty handed and with a few more titles on order. 
It never hurts that all the staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive as well. The owner Debbie is amazing.. like amazing in a way that  she turns  anything into a positive outlook on everything.  
I think anyone would love the warm atmosphere and charm here!  

Shannonrae V.    San Clemente, Ca

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